Members vs. Characters


Greetings, fellow gamers! Atlas here, just dropping in to clarify an aspect of Parallax’s storyline. For more Parallax updates, be sure to check out the Writing and Storytelling section.


Who’s Gonna Stop Us?

Back in late May, I wrote an article (Names in Games!) outlining the new names we’d decided on for Parallax characters. Although most characters are original, there are a few that are named after the members of Atomic Rush. That’s right, we wrote ourselves into Parallax. The main reason we did this is because wanted to reflect our own personality traits in the game. The second reason being that we’re our own bosses, so who’s gonna stop us? In this article, I want to clear up some confusion for those names.


Members vs. Characters

In addition to his own character, our genius writer Ace was kind enough to make me and Orcinus characters as well. Although we’re still deciding on when and where we want to place Orcinus (albeit earlier or later in the game), we can confirm that she will have a character in Parallax.

Referring to our member Ace Referring to the character, c!Ace Fenton

As a way to distinguish characters from members, we’ll mention members’ names as normal. But when referring to their character, we will put a “c!” in front of their name. For example, “Ace” just refers to the member, but “c!Ace,” is talking about the actual Parallax character. Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man actually paused fighting crime to help us out!



I also color-coded the character names, with c!Ace being red, c!Atlas being green, and c!Orcinus being blue. These are different colors than standard links.



Spidey says, “Keep on keeping on!”

I’m very excited to see how this story progresses over time. I’m also incredibly grateful to have finally met up with Orcinus and Ace recently (check out Ace’s latest article for more information). Since we can finally see each other in-person, I’ll be able to talk about our conversations and characters more frequently. Stay tuned for future updates!


Thanks for Reading!

~ Atlas from Atomic Rush Studios

“Rushers Stick Together”

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