Dwight Griffin


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Dwight (dw-I-te) was abandoned by his parents at a young age and for several years, he lived on the streets of Avalon (Ah-vuh-lohn) City.

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Current Status: Alive

Gender: Male

Age: <>

Race: <>

He would constantly steal to survive which ultimately led to him becoming a city wide problem. As a response to the chaos Dwight was bringing upon the city, they called the Warrior Guild to capture him.

Unbeknownst to Dwight, the Warrior Guild’s leader Dynamis (die-NA-mus), agreed to take the job. Dwight tried his best to evade and defeat Dynamis, but was no much for the talented warrior.

Upon being captured, Dwight was sent to Asylum Alpha where he eventually became one of seven successful test subjects. Upon escaping with his newfound companions and darkness oriented abilities, Dwight seeks to get revenge against all who have wronged him. Will he be able to defeat Dynamis? Or will he be defeated yet again? Find out in the action-adventure gameĀ Parallax from Atomic Rush Studios!


Character Design

Dwight is a playable character who is unlocked during the story. This character was co-created by Ace and Atlas.


Ace’s Notes:

When designing this character, I initially wanted to have a main character with a rough past and is being driven by revenge. Although I struggled to create a character to fit within this criteria, I ultimately created Dwight and tried to make him a darker character that is driven by revenge, but means well. With Atlas’ help, I was able to make Dwight into the character he is today and I hope that our players enjoy his character as much as I do!


Thanks for Reading!

~ Ace and Atlas from Atomic Rush Studios

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