Keith Orion

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Keith Orion (oh-RYE-en) is the founder and former CEO of Orion. Five years ago, the brilliant scientist and engineer resigned from his position as chairman of a weapons-producing facility.

Current Status: Dead

Cause of Death: Unknown; MIA

Gender: Male

Age: 45

Orion’s dream to cure the monsters, not just eradicate them, had inspired him to found his own biotech company of the same name. His acclaimed reputation lead to an outpour of support from billionaire investors that helped launch the project to skydome.

Despite the company’s success, Keith Orion was pronounced dead two months ago, just weeks after his mysterious disappearance. The whole world was devastated at the news and felt hopeless without his leadership. His second-in-command, Damian Dusk, took on the role of CEO, pledging that he will carry on his late mentor and colleague’s mission.



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Character Design

Keith Orion is a non-playable character co-created by Ace and Atlas from Atomic Rush Studios. For the behind-the-scenes details and creation of this character, visit his Character Design Page.