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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, business, events and incidents are the products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.



The cities below are organized in alphabetical order. For more information on each city, click their name.

    • Astron
    • Avalon
    • Blackrest
    • Haidon
    • Neprus
    • Sigmis
    • Solaris
    • Winterra






























Keith Orion (oh-RYE-en) is the founder and former CEO of Orion. Five years ago, the brilliant scientist and engineer resigned from his position as chairman of a weapons producing facility.

<insert photo of Keith here>

Current Status: Dead

Cause of Death: Unknown; MIA

Gender: Male

Age: 45

Race: White

Orion’s dream to cure the monsters, not just eradicate them, had inspired him to found his own biotech company of the same name. His acclaimed reputation lead to an outpour of support from billionaire investors that helped launch the project to skydome.

Despite the company’s success, though, Keith Orion was pronounced dead 4 months ago, just weeks after his mysterious disappearance. The city of <> was devastated at the news, and felt hopeless without his leadership. His second-in-command, Damian, has now taken on the role of CEO, pledging that he will carry on his late mentor and colleague’s mission.

But where did he go? Did he abandon the project? No, this was his life’s work! So what really happened? The shocking truth will be revealed in the action-adventure game¬†Parallax from Atomic Rush Studios!


Character Design

Keith Orion is a non-playable character co-created by Ace and Atlas from Atomic Rush Studios. Please visit the <> for the behind-the-scenes detail and development of this character.


Thanks for Reading!

~ Ace and Atlas from Atomic Rush Studios

“Rushers Stick Together”

Size: Small
Shops: Item Shop
Demographics: This city has an immense amount of poverty, however, that may change with Orion’s presence in the city.







This is the page that will compile all of the locations. Click on each location’s name to go to their own individual pages.

1. Asylum Alpha
2. Secret Woods
3. Avalon
4. Rebel’s Route
5. Haidon
6. Silent Forest
7. Gamma Base
8. Trader’s Path
9. Solaris
10. Asylum Beta
11. Blazing Cave
12. Sigmis
13. Asylum Theta
14. Mt. Inferno
15. Freezeflame Pass
16. Glacian Forest
17. Winterra
18. Zeta Base
19. Frosty Field
20. Frozen Peaks
21. Cryptic Cavern
22. Eternal Cave
23. Breezy Sands
24. Neprus
25. Lake Saline
26. Delta Base
27. Haunted Hills
28. Blackrest
29. Phantom Valley
30. Omega Base
31. Winter Bridge
32. Path of Pride
33. Astron