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As the capital city of the world, Astron has residents from all walks of life. With its different sections varying in size and purpose, it is considered the dream destination for any person to live.


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Size: Large


Wealth Class: High, Middle, and Low Class

Vulnerability to outside attacks:

Guilds: All Guilds


Shops: Meds, Potions, General Item Store and a variety of Weapons, Gear, Odd Shops and Markets

Connected To: Mt. Inferno, Cryptic Cavern, Frozen Peaks, Path of Pride & Orion Palace

Tourist District

The Tourist District provides visitors with countless places to visit and explore. Anyone entering can find an affordable tour to tell them more about the city’s architecture and economy. However, it is rumored that some wandering traders are believed to know information about secret landmarks.


Residential District

Akin to the name, the Residential District contains a variety of houses and apartments. This where most of the working and middle class live.


Slums District

Unlike the previous two areas, the Slums District deals with a high crime rate and poverty. More wandering traders can be found here, though.


Shopping District

The Shopping District is where a plethora of shops are located in which tourists can buy souvenirs.


Guilds District

As the largest district, the Guilds District contains a base for every single guild. For more information about Guilds, visit the Guild Homepage.


Upper Class District

Located in the center of the city is the Upper Class District where the wealthiest residents live. Although it is the smallest section, it contains Orion’s headquarters. The company has a heavy influence in Astron due to its economic value.


Additional Information

1. Other Characters

Enigmis will own a house in the Residential District.


1. Storyline

Because of the way that the story is structured, this is the final city that the player will visit in the game.



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