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Nicknamed the “slum city” of the world, Haidon is a small city with a crippling economy. Although it’s just east of Avalon (the “trade city”), Haidon does not receive many resources, leading most of its people to live in poverty.

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Size: Medium


Wealth Class: Low Class

This city has an immense amount of poverty, however, that may change with Orion’s presence in the city.

Vulnerability to outside attacks:



Shops: Item Shop (Note: Maybe we could give this item shop a catchy name like “Lucky’s Shop” — Not necessarily that name, but it’s easy to catch on to, and easy to remember).

The only thing that keeps the homelessness population from skyrocketing are the cheap apartment complexes scattered throughout the region.

Likewise, although Haidon doesn’t profit from tourism, residential buildings are able to stay in business because of bounty hunters and other passerby.

The city’s main source of income is from the tiny convenience shop that sells basic items at a much higher price considering its economic agriculture. However, the city’s flexible bartering system attracts other customers willing to pawn various items.

In spite of its hardships, many of Haidon’s residents are hopeful that their quality of life will improve ever since the Orion Foundation has begun to provide military and economic aid.




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