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Nicknamed the “beach city,” Neprus is located in the eastern region of the world.

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Size: Small

Population: Small

Wealth Class: High Class / Upper Middle Class

Vulnerability to outside attacks:



Shops: Meds, Potions, Gear and Market

People from all over travel here to enjoy the soft white sand and crystal clear waters. Among its resort-like destinations and other notable attractions, at least 40% of Neprus’ economy relies on tourism.

Not unlike Solaris, the long-time residents of this city tend to be multi-millionaires and investors. Although it’s an unimaginable fortune for most people to live there, there is a large vacation hotel that people can stay at if they’re willing to spend the money.

Despite the luxurious environment, there is quite a bit of poverty amongst its people. This is mainly because of the monster attacks in some cities which have ultimately forced drifters and traveling nomads to try their luck on the road. Many of Neprus’ most wealthy residents hope that the rise of Orion will bring peace to the less fortunate cities, and hopefully decrease the homeless population.


Additional Information

1. Other Characters

After being nearly executed by Orion, the former lead scientist Wade Walker was on the run for a while before settling in Neprus in the hopes no one would find him.




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