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The fiery city of Sigmis is a large city located in the <> region of the world. Often regarded as “The World’s Industrial Pride” or “The Industrial City,” only the finest and most brilliant inventors, workers, blacksmiths, and warriors arrive here to perfect their craft. With mass weapon and technological production, Sigmis is regarded as one of the most important cities in the fight against the monsters.

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Size: Large


Wealth Class: Middle Class

Sigmis has a middle-class economy. It’s comprised mainly of working class citizens, but there is still quite a bit of poverty

Vulnerability to outside attacks: Low

Guilds: Blacksmith Guild; Mercenary Guild; Warrior Guild; Thief Guild; Mage Guild.


Shops: Gear, Weapons, Meds, Accessory Shops

It has a middle-class economy, and is comprised mainly of working class citizens. Although there is still quite a bit of poverty, the unemployment rate is much lower than places like Haidon.

Some of the world’s finest weapons and gear are developed in Sigmis, which promotes a lot of tourism and trade within the warrior communities. Unfortunately, large factories and power plants have created a serious problem with ambient air pollution. Most of the city’s natural environment has died out, and many of its citizens are at higher risk for health issues.

On the upside, the geographical placement means that Sigmis doesn’t face foreign threats as often as other cities. Not to mention, the city benefits greatly from mutual support through Orion. In return, Blacksmiths and engineers alike have become a crucial part of the company’s manufacturing needs.


Additional Information

1. Guilds

The following guilds all have outposts or bases within this city.

        • Blacksmith Guild
        • Mercenary Guild
        • Warrior Guild
        • Thief Guild
        • Mage Guild

3. Other Characters

Sigmis is Magnus’ and Tyson’s home city.


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