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Known for its infinite snowfall, The snowy city of Winterra is well known for the endless amount of snow that falls within the city walls.

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Size: Medium

Population Density: ★★★★☆

Wealth Class: High Class

This city is predominantly middle to upper class with very little poverty. Some of the rich residents were investors in Orion.

Attack Vulnerability: ★☆☆☆☆



Shops: Expensive shops for Meds, Potions, and Gear.

People who prefer the cold climate congregate in this city to enjoy life to the fullest. Even those who don’t live permanently have vacation homes in the city for the various snow activities.

Likewise, its wealthy economy is driven by residents and visitors who spend their money frivolously.

The leader of the Trading Guild owns a luxurious mansion south of Winterra. As a result, both the Trading Guild and Orion occupy a heavy presence in this city. Orion provides resources to its workforce from all over the world to help them thrive in their snowy environment. 


Additional Information

1. Guilds

There is a trading guild base in this city.

2. Trader’s Guild

Mira, Klaus and Glacia all live in this city.



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