Parallax’s First 3D Character Concept Art


Hey there! Atlas here, just leaving a little update about the progress we’ve made on character design for Parallax. You can check out the design page here.



Back in November to December of 2021, I finalized the first character design for Parallax, which was of Keith Orion (Ace creates the rough sketches that I finalize). Just this week, though, I took it a step further and designed the first ever 3D-based concept art. It took a lot of work, and I talk more about the details in her Character Design Page.

In short, I combined the use of hand-drawn images, 3D modeling apps, and another Photoshop-based program to fit the desired image of Nova. Her look will likely change going forward as a result of making her look more unique and individualized. Until then, we can finally add her first character design to her homepage.



I want to say a special thank you to both Ace and Orcinus. They were gracious enough to allow me to take over the design for Nova, while also providing very valuable feedback. My goal going forward is to study more reference images to make sure that she doesn’t look like every other character. I’m really fortunate to have such a supportive team, I wouldn’t trade it for the world.


Thanks for Reading!

~ Atlas from Atomic Rush Studios

“Rushers Stick Together”

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