The Pages Are Growing…!


Hey, friend! Atlas here, just leaving an update on the progress of Atomic Rush Studios’ website. For more updates, be sure to visit the Website Updates category.


Would You Believe It?

It’s been over a year since Atomic Rush Studios was first founded, and my, oh my have things evolved. Back in September of 2021, we revamped Project Parallax and added huge changes to its storyline. While I was teaching myself to 3D model and finalize character designs, Ace actively improved as an artist and a writer by designing the prototypes for many of the characters, maps, and storyline quests.


In Recent News…

Over the past few months, we’ve shaped the story around the goal of potentially developing a pre-game and post-game that will tie into the main story. Although we’re still in the early stages of the current game, we both agreed that we wanted to leave a gateway for potential spin off stories. In relation to those plans, we made a couple of core changes, such as redesigning the world map and altering the origin story for Parallax’s character Valerie. Not to mention, lure planted throughout quests that will foreshadow the future of Parallax.


The Website

With all the progress that’s been made, we need to compile that information somewhere, right? That’s where the website comes in. Not only are we able to share that progress with you, but we can also organize all of the game’s elements (characters, locations, quests, etc.). Today, I am proud to announce we have 111 pages on this website (not including posts). Most are still a work in progress, but it’s incredible how far we’ve come.


Raise your gaming controllers in a toast to the old and the new!


Thanks for Reading!

~ Atlas from Atomic Rush Studios

“Rushers Stick Together”

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