“Things Have Changed for Me, and That’s Okay!”


Hey, friend! Atlas here, dropping in to leave a little update about Atomic Rush Studios. For more updates about the game design group, be sure to visit the Atomic Rush General Updates category.


Aging Up

I was on the phone the other day with Ace and we were deciding on last names for characters in Parallax. He assigned the last name “Fenton” to the character Ace in the game (Note: there’s a difference between Ace in Atomic Rush and Ace in Parallax. The Ace in Parallax is based on the real mastermind himself!). He reminded me that Ace Fenton was in his early twenties, so we would have to be mindful of his physical character design. I paused for a moment before I asked, “Isn’t it crazy how we started this game as teenagers, and now we’ll probably be older than our characters in the game?”

It was hard to believe. I mean, it’s been less than two years, but we both started this when we were still in high school. That’s why the original seven characters, including Nova, are all in their teen years. We felt that their adolescence was (and still is) more relatable than creating adult characters. Now? I’ll be graduating in less than a month, and Ace just finished his first year of college. However, becoming legal adults isn’t the only thing that’s changed.


New Members

Since Atomic Rush started, we’ve faced plenty of ups and downs. But if there’s one thing that I’m certain of, it’s that we’ve become a stronger team in the process. This is in part thanks to our newest member, Orcinus.

This is an Orcinus (not the member, although her name is based off that)

Orcinus also attends the same college as Ace, Marist College, which is where I’ll be pursuing Game Design & Emerging Media this coming fall! Not only is this girl smart, talented, and dedicated to her craft, but she also loves Broadway. Since she’s definitely more of a writer than a coder, her passion for storytelling will be especially helpful when we need another perspective to voice their comments on aspects such as journal entries. Her creative insight has helped us tremendously in the development of Parallax, and I look forward to the coming years with her on our team.


“Things Have Changed for Me, and That’s Okay!”

Before I end this article, you may be wondering why I named the post like so. Well, when I was first talking with Orcinus, I found out that we both love song lyrics and poetry. The lyric, “Things have changed for me, and that’s okay.” is from a song called That Green Gentleman (Things Have Changed) by my favorite band, Panic! At The Disco. Although this line has many different interpretations, I feel like it can really apply to how much we’ve all grown while being apart of Atomic Rush Studios.

The members of Atomic Rush Studios (definitely not Panic! At The Disco)

We didn’t even know Orcinus existed a year ago. And frankly, I’m not sure she would’ve believed you if you told her she would be part of a game design group now, either! But life is full of wondrous unpredictabilities. You just have to trust that fate will allow you to meet the right people, like we three met each other. Things have changed for us, and that’s okay.


Thanks for Reading!

~ Atlas from Atomic Rush Studios

“Rushers Stick Together”

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