Keith Orion Becomes First Parallax Character Design


Hey there! Atlas here, just wanted to leave a little update about the first character design for Parallax. You can check out the design page here.



Keith Orion, the founder and former CEO of biotech company Orion, is officially the first character to have a design page published. He is a very complex, morally flawed character we’ve been working on for a while and I was proud to have completed his first character design. We will most likely add another outfit or two to the mix, but for now we’ll shift off to completing other characters.



Although Atomic Rush is only a year old, we have been working diligently to create and critique characters in the game. More specifically, I would like to say a big thank you to my partner in crime, Ace, for being one of the driving inspirations behind the creative process. I wouldn’t have been able to finalize Keith without his original design and critique. With that said, I’m thrilled to showcase future characters to come.


Thanks for Reading!

~ Atlas from Atomic Rush Studios

“Rushers Stick Together”

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