AtomicĀ Rush Studios is an independent game design group founded in 2020. Our mission is to tell stories through interactive stories and entertaining gameplay. For more information about Atomic Rush, visit our About Page.

NOTE: Please note that this website is still in development. Apologies in advance for any broken links and/or empty pages.


Who We Are

Atomic Rush Studios is comprised of 3 main members, all of whom work together to develop games. For individual introductions by each member, visit the Meet Our Members page.


What We Do

After meeting through a game design course at Marist College, we continued to expand our skill sets through writing, art, 3D modeling, and coding. For over a year, we’ve been constructing an action-adventure game called Parallax. The homepage for Parallax will organize the aspects of the game, such as the Story, the Characters, the Locations, and more.