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Just west of Haidon, Avalon is a medium-sized city located in the central north part of the world. It earned its nickname “trade city” after the merchants that travel from all over to sell their wares. The city is comprised of 3 sections: The Market District; The Central District; and The Residential District.


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Size: Medium


Wealth Class: Upper Middle Class

Vulnerability to outside attacks:



Shops: Hundreds of shops located in the Market Place district.

Market District

This is the western part of the city where the vast majority of shops are located. Because of this, many merchants and nomadic traders gather here.


Central District

As the smallest of the three, the central district bridges the gap between the Market District and the Residential District. More importantly, it connects the city of Avalon to the rest of the world. There are a few houses and a fountain in the center of this district.


Residential District

Making up the eastern portion of the city, the Residential District is home to the majority of houses and apartment complexes in Avalon. Generally the people of this city keep to themselves, but they can quickly unite should a threat, domestic or foreign, pose harm to their way of life.




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