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Nicknamed the “sunset city,” Solaris is a medium-sized city located in the northwest region of the world. Its affluent economy makes it a commerce hotspot.

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Size: Medium


Wealth Class: High Class

This city is predominantly middle to upper class with very little poverty. Some of the rich residents were investors in Orion.

Attack Vulnerability: ★☆☆☆☆



Shops: Expensive shops for Meds, Potions, and Gear.

Demographically, most of the city is comprised of multi-millionaire investors and entrepreneurs alike. Many of the retired CEOs-turned-investors became stockholders in the early stages of Orion’s startup.

Residents often spend their time out and about shopping, spending money frivolously, and ultimately living life to the fullest. Some wandering traders have tried their luck at bringing their business to the streets of Solaris; but it’s hard to compete with the high-class shops located throughout the city. Their cheap commodity items is part of the reason they gravitate towards poorer locations, such as Haidon.

Among other things, Solaris is well-recognized for its prestigious school, Solus Academy. Solus Academy is a massive school that accepts only the brightest and wealthiest students (many of which include children of rich Solaris residents). It has even been said that Keith Orion and Wade Walker both attended this university.


Additional Information

1. Geographical Perspective

In addition to attending Solus Academy, Keith Orion was born and raised in the city of Solaris. After Keith’s mysterious disappearance, his second-in-command Damian becomes the new CEO of Orion. This triggers a negative undertone in the company’s transition because of the polarized perspectives. Damian, who is originally from Haidon (the “slum city” of the world), grew up in far different circumstances. As a result, Damian holds some resentment towards Wade Walker, one of the lead scientists at Orion, because he, too, attended Solus Academy.

2. Trader’s Guild

Because of Solaris’ affluent economy, the Trader’s Guild has an outpost placed in this city.

3. Other Characters

Main characters Skye and Dustin were both born and raised in Solaris.




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