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Hey, friend! Ace here with yet another Parallax story update! For more storyline updates, be sure to check out the Writing and Storytelling section.



As you could probably tell from my previous article, I have been hard at work making the Parallax story the best it could possibly be. Progress on the development of the story is going smoothly, and I am very please with its quality. With that said, I am proud to announce that the third draft has officially hit 100 pages in length! That’s right, 100 pages! I can’t believe that the Parallax team has reached such an amazing milestone because the previous draft was just under 50 pages.



So, what did I do to expand upon the story you may ask? Well, I was able to go more in-depth about certain aspects of the story, such as character arcs and side plots. As for the main plotline, I’m just about up to the point where Nova reaches the city of Blackrest and runs into a character named Valerie De La Rosa. Like Wade Walker, Valerie was also a former Orion scientist. But what lead her to Blackrest?

Behind-the scenes storyline for Parallax

Well, I created another character named Ebony, a fellow scientist that wasn’t as highly ranked in Orion because she was being outperformed by Valerie. She pledged her loyalty to Damian by betraying Valerie, leading Valerie to be roped into Orion’s corrupt experiments. In turn, she becomes a mutant, and is cast away to the city of Blackrest; the city where hundreds of humans from Orion’s failed experiments were sent as a way to hide the truth about the biotech company from the public. The player will learn more about this as they meet her.



With that said, I am looking forward to writing more of the story and keeping you all updated. Thanks for the continued support and keep rushing!


Thanks for Reading!

~ Ace from Atomic Rush Studios

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