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Nova is 1 of 7 successful test subjects of a top secret project conducted by biotech company Orion (oh-RYE-en). She received her light-attributed abilities during an experiment conducted in the Orion Corporation’s Asylum Alpha.

Current Status: Alive

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Race: White

Unfortunately, the nearly-fatal experiments left her with retrograde amnesia, meaning she doesn’t remember anything about her past.

As to how Nova got dragged into all of this, nobody knows. But with her newfound companions and friends, the ambitious teenager plans on exploring the world to put an end to Orion’s corruption while also learning about who she is in the process.

Will Nova be able to find the truth about her past life or will it remain a secret? Find out in the action-adventure game Parallax from Atomic Rush Studios!


Character Design

Nova, co-created by Ace and Atlas from Atomic Rush Studios, is the main protagonist of Parallax and is the first obtainable playable character. For the behind-the-scenes details and creation of this character, visit her Character Design Page.



Ace’s Notes:

When creating this character, we had a lot of different ideas. We ultimately chose this storyline for Nova because we thought that it would be simple enough for the reader to understand, but engaging enough to keep the player interested in this character. Atlas and I had a lot of fun designing this character because we had a lot of differences in opinion, which enabled us to create the best character we could for the main protagonist of this game.


Atlas’ Notes:

Back at Marist College’s Summer Pre-College course, this character wasn’t even called Nova! Her original name was Aurora, but for the sake of the story, we felt that Nova would be a more fitting name to the aspects of her powers. Additionally, her lack of a last name really plays on that idea that a part of her is missing, which is her past and identity. However, that really gives the character the opportunity to redefine herself. Likewise, the player’s understanding of her grows with her understanding of the world.


Thanks for Reading!

~ Ace and Atlas from Atomic Rush Studios

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